Cairns Farm Wedding

So my first back to back weddings for this year and it was to a new wedding venue, Cairns Farm Estate through Edinburgh way for the wedding of Chelsey & Gavin. Ok first of all I LOVED this place, honest for me it had everything. Great morning prep locations, an old castle, a loch right beside and lots of open fields to play in...I was in heaven.

As both the Bride & Groom were on site I could easily pop back and forth capturing the goings on with both of them but I tend spend more time with the "girls". First looks done it was up to the venue for the ceremony. Got the drone up for the big group photo after the B&G came out for the the confetti walk then gave the couple time to just see their family and guests and enjoy themselves before I started the group photos.

Afterwards I took the newly weds a little tour around the estate hitting various spots, the winds picked up a bit so I made use of the sheltered gardens too. Some of the tracks were just a little bit too muddy for a Bride to be walking on so I had found better grass tracks which I had previously scoped out in the morning when I arrived. In the evening we got the Bridal party out for smoke bomb photos which was alot of fun and to round off my day some low light photos.

What can I say, it was an amazing day, I just had a ball, both Gavin and Chelsey are just such a lovely couple and were up for just just going for it for the photos.

I've sent the B&G their previews so now I can post some.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Alexander

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